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Oklahoma The start of spring traditionally

3/13/2015 (Permalink)

In Oklahoma, the start of spring means cooler and more comfortable temperatures throughout the state.

The start of spring traditionally

In Oklahoma, the start of spring means cooler and more comfortable temperatures throughout the state. However, this is also the traditional start of severe weather season. This means that there are increased risks for property damage from wind, rain and hail, as well as for severe weather events such as Oklahoma's floods and tornadoes. There are many preparations that homeowners and businesses must follow to adequately prepare for the severe weather season. The first step should be to evaluate the current insurance coverage to ensure that it is adequate. To determine this, homeowners and businesses should examine the type of specific coverage that they currently have compared to how much they need, as well as the deductibles and available discounts. 

If a home is damaged from severe weather, there are several steps that a homeowner should take immediately. The first step is to contact the insurance company with the policy number and all relevant information. The homeowner should also find out what documents, forms and data will be necessary so that the claim can be processed. If the Oklahoma home has fire damage to the extent where the residents must live elsewhere during the repairs, the homeowner should also find out if they have coverage for living expenses incur while their home is being repaired. At that point, the homeowner should take photos and/or video of the damaged areas for documentation. The homeowner should then make any necessary repairs to the property to avoid further damage, avoiding any permanent repairs until the insurance company has inspected the property. When an insurance adjustor does arrive to the home, the homeowner and the adjustor will reach an agreement on the appropriate cost of the repairs. The homeowner should be sure to save receipts from all of the repairs, including the temporary repairs that may be covered by the insurance policy.

When there is damage to a home, most standard homeowner insurance policies cover the damage caused by trees and other falling objects, wind, wind-driven rain and the collapse of a structure. However, there are several weather related events that are generally not covered by a standard homeowner insurance policy. These events include Oklahoma flood damages, the removal of fallen trees from the property (unless they fell on the roof or walls of the home and caused damage), interior storm water damage when there was no damage associated with the home's walls or roof, Oklahoma water damage from backed up sewers or drains, and food spoilage due to power outages. 

Therefore, homeowners should carefully review their own insurance contract to determine the specific coverage and exclusions. If there are any specific questions relating to the policy, the homeowner should contact their insurance agent for clarification. Oklahoma residents should also be sure to take the proper steps to ensure their personal safety as the severe storm season draws close. Information on adequately preparing for a possible emergency can be found on the Office of Emergency Management's website at

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